Bagni Romani

A dive into the past, an exciting journey back in time, when ancient travellers after a regenerating bath in the thermal waters with renovated forces continued their tiresome climb to the Stelvio and to Fraele, leading north of the Alps.
In a cave which was in use in pre-Roman times, where one of the nine thermal springs particularly rich in natural sulphur bacteria (fango) originates, two large baths were built assuring complete privacy..

  • Vasca Plinio il Vecchio: Plinio, latin writer and naturalist, mentioned for the first time the hot water springs of Bormio in his Naturalis Historia of the 1st century A.D.
  • Vasca Cassiodoro: In the 6th century A.D Cassiodoro, plenipotentiary roman senator, praised the therapeutic virtues of Bormio's waters in a letter to Emperor Teodato.
  • Vasca dell'Arciduchessa, open air: in the solarium in front of the Roman baths' caves a large wooden bath has been positioned, completely restored, that until the end of the 1800’s was part of the Bagni dell' Arciduchessa, a construction that was once on the meadow above the Roman baths and now destroyed. The Archduchess of Austria was oftena guest at the Bagni di Bormio profiting by this reserved structure, as it was her right in those times being a lady of high society.

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