Bagni Vecchi Spa | Bagni Archiduchessa

Regenerating treatment for your skin, your spirit and mind. The facilities in this sector favour the complete regeneration of your skin leaving it soft and elastic, the saunas and the recreation areas guarantee complete mental relaxation.
The Archduchess’ baths were built after the opening of Stelvio main way (1825) in order to guarantee an adequate privacy to the members of the Austro-Hungarian reigning family. After a period of restoration works the baths reopened to the public in 2005..

Sauna rustica: Dry sauna, restored according to the antique techniques of the valtellina carpenters, for the regeneration of the skin and the well-being of all the senses.
Vasca di reazione: a cold water pool for a bathe, even if partial, to rebalance the body’s temperature and to complete the purifying and toning effects of the sauna.
Vasca fangosa: bath with thermal water enriched with natural muds which favour the peeling of the skin. We suggest a warm shower at the end of this treatment.
Stube secca: a stop in the high temperature dry ‘stube’ (after the mud-water treatment) completes the skin peeling action that renders it more elastic and velvet-like.
Bagno turco decongestionante: scented steam bath at a high temperature to cleanse in depth your skin, eliminating dead cells and fighting skin ageing.
Sala relax panoramica: a room for a brief relax after mud and sauna treatments.

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