Bagni Vecchi Spa | Grotta Sudatoria

Grotta Sudatoria di San Martino: a natural steam cave sauna, exclusive and unique in the world, a detoxifying route that takes place in two tunnels which penetrate into the rock for over 50 metres. Finished in 1827, the atmosphere in the grotto is that of a Roman Spa, but the route is traditionally thought of like a trip into Dante’s other side: from a heavenly pleasant temperature, to the warmth of the Purgatory, to an Infernal heat.

In order to adapt your body gradually to the temperature (up to 48°C-119°F) and the increasing humidity (up to 95%) take the walk into Purgatory slowly.

Tepidarium: A brief rest of 4-5 minutes to enhance the dilation of the pores
Calidarium: 15 metres long pool with thermal water. Afterwards, to rebalance the body’s temperature a gentle massage with microscopic jets of cold water
Laconicum: the sauna section (or Inferno) where hot springs bubble up through the rocks at a temperature of about 43°C – 109°F. A rest of 8/10 minutes to promote the natural sweating process, bathing frequently yourself with warm water
Frigidarium: cold water pool where is advised to immerse only up to chest level.
Before continuing the course into the other sections of the Spa Bagni Vecchi a brief relax is advised in the Liberty atrium. Comfortably seated on the characteristic cane armchairs, you can sip a couple of glasses of thermal water, which gives the necessary hydration

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