Bormio - Town in Italy


Bormio's origins are inextricably linked to its thermal waters, which have been renowned for their curative powers since ancient times. The name derives from the German word Worm, changed to Worms and thus Bormio.

The town is centered on the historic Piazza Cavour and Via Roma. This used to be a main trading point on the route from Venice to Switzerland. The taxes paid on the goods brought wellbeing to the village and many valuable historical buildings and churches evidence its prosperity in the past.
Nowadays Bormio is famous for its tourism attractions but keeps alive the ancient traditions, best represented by “Pasuali”. These are hand made sculptures of wood, flowers and other natural materials with religious significance.

At Easter these sculptures pass through the town, carried by representatives of the various quarters, dressed in typical local costumes.
In Piazza Cavour is situated the Kuerc, an amphitheatre covered by characteristic roofing, where once justice was dispensed. It is now dominated by the massive Torre delle Ore, the main town church and other historical buildings that have been recently restored.
You should visit the Sant’Ignazio church and San Vitale church, situated on the main pedestrian street. Don’t forget to visit the ancient district of Combo and its church that is complete with a ceiling fresco of stars.

Fashion boutiques and charming shops offer a wide variety of goods: local delicacies like bresaola and pizzoccheri, sport equipments and craft products.
Site of many international sport events, in 1985 and 2005 Bormio gave hospitality to the World Alpine Skiing championships.
Modern ski-lift facilities start from 1225m in Bormio and in few minutes bring you to Bormio 3000. Slopes for any age and any level for skiing and snowboarding.
In winter is very attractive the Ice stadium, open for skating and curling.

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