Stelvio National Park

The National Park Stelvio covers an area of 134,620 hectares in the heart of the Central Alps, and it includes the Ortles-Cevedale massif and its lateral valleys.
The protected area borders in the North with the Swiss National Park of Engadina, in the South with Parco Regionale dell'Adamello in Lombardy, and it is directly linked to the near Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta in Trentino.

The idea to preserve this great Alpine landscape dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, and became reality on April 1935. Within the borders of the Park, it is possible to admire glaciers, mountain summer pastures, wide woodlands, cultivated lands, mountain chalets. Wide ecosystems rich in flora and fauna exist thanks to the differences in height and to the variety of the territory morphology.

Many specimens of the Alpine fauna live in all the sections of the National Park Stelvio. You find herds of deerwhich prefer the thick woods and the roe deer, which live at their borders. At higher altitudes, you can see the chamois and in some valleys the wild goat. Foxes, ermines and marmots cannot miss; there are also many squirrels, hares, and less frequently we can find badgers and weasels. There are also some birds of prey: the buzzard, the sparrow hawk, and the owl. Various couples of golden eagles are nesting on breathtaking rocks.

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