Hot Springs

The Hot Water Springs of Bormio derive from 9 sources situated on the mountainside of the Dolomite rocks of Mount Reit inside the Monumental Park of Bagni di Bormio, at variable altitudes, varying from 1280 to 1420 metres a.s.l The mineral water, which is one of the very few Hot Mineral Springs in the area south of the Alps, wells up at a temperature from 36° to 43° C, depending on the season: hotter in Winter, because the ground ice does not allow the infiltration of rainwater; variable temperature in Summer, in relation to the atmospheric rainfall.

Chemical characteristics:
Hyper thermal water, sulphate, alkaline, earthy, with traces of radioactivity (radon).

Detoxifying, regenerating, relaxing, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory for a complete return to form.
The beneficial qualities of the water come from microscopic and health-giving suspended sulphur-bacteria (natural mud) that, with its peeling effect, render the skin smoother and velvety.
At the Bagni di Bormio, in respect of the natural cures, the health-giving properties of the water are not altered by chemicals: every bath is fed by flowing Hot Spring water without added chlorine.

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Easter, 25th of April and 1st of May
Build your holiday as you like…
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Easter: special offer 4X3
Wellness & relax at the spa and much more in Bormio
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Walking in the woods…
It is very nice to walk in our woods and smell the scent of the spring… You can enjoy beautiful alpine tracks, the taste of our dishes and the relaxing thermal water in our spa…
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Taste and Wellness
Bresaola meats, buckwheat Pizzocheri pasta, Bitto cheese and Alps cheese, red wines, apples and ‘poor’ cakes, Braulio bitter, all products from our land and a relaxing wellness…
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Special Biker, stop and go!
Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo passes
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The beginning of the week in Bormio
3 relaxing days at 228 € per person Have a break avoiding the weekend queues
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Valtellina cycling
The most famous and loved climbs
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Five Star Tour
On the move tour through a unique territory, starting from Como Lake, biking towards St Moritz and ending up in Bormio after challenging the mythical passes
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Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence: WINNER 2014
Qc Terme Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi***** has been nominated winner of “Best Hotel Spa” of Condé Nast Johansens.
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The Red Train of Bernina
Unesco world heritage site
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QC TERME celebrates the World Water Day together with WE ARE WATER
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QC Terme & AVSI
QC Terme and BAGNI DI BORMIO SPA RESORT support education and peace in South Sudan with AVSI
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