Park and gardens at Bagni di Bormio


The Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi and the Spa & Wellness centre are surrounded by a fenced Garden,measuring one hectare, which is reserved exclusively for the guests. This is situated in a larger zone of 40 hectares known as Parco Monumentale (Monumental Park), for the unusual and unique varieties of the plants found here. During the 1800’s, to make the Bagni di Bormio's guests' stay more pleasant, a vast conifer-forest was planted, which, other than having a typical Alpine vegetation such as pine, larch, spruce, red pine, mugo pine and heather, is also host to numerous types of Mediterranean flora that grows thanks to a particular warm climate caused by the vicinity of thermal waters and the sun's midday rays.

Footpaths and Walks

Bagni di Bormio's guests may travel through a charming itinerary of 8 km of footpaths, amongst the Park's pine forest, ranging in distances and difficulties for everyone and of all ages, suitable both for walking and jogging. Several routes unite the Bagni Nuovi to the Bagni Vecchi, by paths through the woods, passing by the Romanesque church of Saint Martino, otherwise, completely in the sun, along an easy, traffic free road. One of the most charming walks, completely level, goes from the Bagni Nuovi to the Pliniana spring source. After a stretch through tall spruces and larches one arrives at the river Adda's valley ravine; at the end of the walk one will find a bizarre artificial cave built around a warm water spring, it is renowned to be a regenerating drink.

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