Grotta di Nettuno

Grotta di Nettuno: a subterranean tunnel which connects the Liberty wing of the Grand Hotel and the open air pool. A detoxifying course has been set up, enriched by facilities which improve the body’s circulation and a complete epidermal cleansing.

  • Antro della sibilla (Vichy shower): lay down under a light rain of thermal water for a soft and tender massage.
  • Conciglio degli Dei: a circular bath with cromotherapy and relaxing music for a pleasant break seated on the concentric steps that surround the bath.
  • Sauna di Minerva: rose scented sauna that has softeting effects and renders the skin more elastic and velvety, leaving a delicate and charming perfume on it.
  • Diluvio degli dei (Scotish shower): an invigorating shower after the sauna, following ancient Nordic traditions.
  • Diamanti degli dei: an ice cascade for a refreshing massage to the whole body that in combination with the other thermal facilities tones and renders the skin smooth.
  • Sentiero di Mercurio (Kneipp course): reflexology corse on a floor covered with pebbles, alternating hot and cold water. Father Sebastian Kneipp in the 1800’s theorized hydrotherapy using controlled and alternating hot and cold temperature. At the Bagni di Bormio this treatment is enriched with the chemical properties of the thermal waters.
  • Soffioni di Eolo: high intensity wall hydro jets for the progressif reactivating of the body circulation, enhancing the complete opening of the pores.

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