Bagni Nuovi Bormio Spa | Bagni di Giove

Bagni di Giove: revitalizing hydrotherapy section, situated in the basement of the Hotel.

  • Vasca di Vulcano: hydro-massage bath with floor-level hydro jets, to render tonic the muscles of the legs, the back and the stomach.
  • Cascate dell’Olimpo: high intensity cascade which tones the shoulder muscles, the back and the chest, ideal for oxygenating the body tissues and reactivating the circulation.
  • Sauna di Vesta: spices and fruit scented biologic sauna for the wellbeing of all senses.
  • Vasca di Giunone: immersion, even partial, in cold water to restore the body’s temperature after the vigorous action of the hydrojets and waterfall, the sauna and the turkish bath.
  • The bath in pink marble from Candoglia has belonged to the original hot springs structure at Bagni Nuovi since 1845. At that time the guests used to lie in the bath while servants were pouring hot spring water from a pitcher directly on the body.
  • Riposo di Marte: still water bath for balancing the body’s equilibrium after the contrast of hot and cold water. The sulphur bacteria (natural suspended mud) which Bormio’s waters are rich in continue the process of the natural exfoliation that renders the skin smooth and soft.
  • Vapori dell’Olimpo (Turkish bath) (Hammam): a high temperature aromatic steam bath for a complete epidermal cleansing: eliminates the dead cells of the skin and fights the ageing process. The Hammam is designed following the Ottoman tradition with a light blue ceramic mosaic..
  • Regno di Plutone: localised hydromassage at high pressure to complete the activation of the body’s circulation and the epidermal cleansing.
  • Relax degli dei: a room for relax stretched out on the comfortable dormeuses and wrapped in warm blankets, savouring the scents of the National Park Stelvio.
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